CCTV for Alsager Station

Alsager Station is to be included in East Midlands Railway (EMR) plans to install CCTV at four stations across its Regional network at a cost of more than £120,000.

The stations at Alsager will benefit from the new cameras which will be installed by Spring and help improve the station environment. 

EMR has worked closely with station adoption teams and local community groups to identify areas at each station that require camera coverage – helping to address any anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti, as well as providing reassurance to customers.

The project is part of EMR’s Stations Social and Commercial Development Plan which allows station adoption teams and local community groups to highlight, promote and suggest improvements to stations. The train operator at Willington Station, CrossCountry, has also contributed £15,000 towards the improvements.

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New crossing to improve safety

Cheshire East Council have installed a zebra crossing on Crewe Road, near the junction with Cranberry Lane, using both section 106 money from the housing developments at Goss Place and from the Sustainable Modes of Transport to School fund.

In time for the new school year the crossing will provide a safer way of crossing from Goss Place and Burgess Grove to get to Cranberry Academy. The works also included the relocation of the existing bus stop.

No car parking charges for Alsager

A proposed consultation on the introduction of car parking tariffs in Alsager will no longer be going ahead.

A report which went before Cheshire East Council’s highways and transport committee had recommended the introduction of standardised zonal parking across the Council’s car parks, which would have seen car parking charges introduced in Alsager. 

However, strong opposition from councillors and residents concerned that the introduction of car parking fees would have a negative inpact on the viability of the town centre has led to the committee voting against the proposals meaning that charges will not be coming to Alsager’s car parks.

Public Realm Consultation

Following the consultation on the public realm proposals for Alsager, the Town Council has approved further exploratory work to be undertaken by the working group and council committees.

The objectives of the proposed scheme are to:

· Increase footfall within the town centre – to keep it as a vibrant hub

· To make the town safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists 

· Improve the attractiveness of the town

· Ensure people know what the town has to offer

The poor state of the roads and pavements were raised by a large proportion of residents which aligns with aspirations in the Neighbourhood Plan. Eighty businesses commented on the requirement to resurface the roads and pavements in Alsager in a survey carried out by the Town Centre Manager.

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Car parking and local transport review includes Alsager

Cheshire East Council are proposing major changes to the management of their car parks and have carried out a parking review and public consultation. 

They are conducting this engagement on local transport and parking to inform the future direction, infrastructure requirements and parking provision and charges for our town centres. These factors will be balanced against the vitality plans of town centres.

As town centres are currently facing major challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, setting out a strategic and sustainable approach for local transport and parking will enable the Council to respond to long-term economic and environmental challenges presented by the pandemic and climate change.

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Rotary laptop appeal

Due to the ongoing pandemic and school pupils learning at home, the Rotary Club of Kidsgrove and the Rotary Club of Alsager are appealing for the donation of surplus laptops, iPads and tablets to help support children being home schooled.

The appeal follows a national appeal to providing computers to support children being home schooled, through the purchasing of laptops. The Rotary Club recognises there must be a large number of laptops and tablets sitting in private homes no longer being used and could be donated for home schooling.

The appeal follows a national appeal to providing computers to support children being home schooled, through the purchasing of laptops. The Rotary Club recognises there must be a large number of laptops and tablets sitting in private homes no longer being used and could be donated for home schooling.

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Alsager Scouts Christmas Tree Recycling 2021

In the current pandemic we are unable to guarantee that there will not be further restrictions applied early in the new year.  

It is with regret that we will not be able to collect / recycle your Christmas tree in 2021. We look forward to resuming this service in 2022.

Seasons Greetings to you all.

East Midlands Railway withdraws rail service at Alsager

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has chosen to suspend almost all its services for passengers at Alsager from September 7th 2020. Only the first and last train of the day in each direction on the Crewe –Derby service will stop at Alsager for the foreseeable future. 

Passengers will now be almost wholly reliant on the remaining hourly service provided by London Northwestern Railway (LNR) calling at Crewe, Alsager, Kidsgrove and Stoke-on-Trent.  Those wishing to travel to Longport and stations between Stoke-on-Trent and Derby will have to change trains at Kidsgrove or Stoke-on-Trent, thereby extending journey times.

EMR admits that Alsager is being sacrificed to improve punctuality for the Crewe – Derby route as a whole. They also state their consultation with stakeholders was lacking and not what EMR aspires to. 

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Green light for trial scheme to boost cycling and walking in Alsager

Alsager has been included as one of Cheshire East Council’s eight trial ‘active travel’ schemes introduced to help combat Covid-19 and make our towns safer for cycling and walking.

The projects are being put in place in seven Cheshire East towns as a first phase to improve walking and cycling and improve access to our town centres, areas for employment and schools.

The scheme in Alsager will see a point closure on Lodge Road near Alsager School restricting through traffic heading south on Lodge Road to cyclist and pedestrians only in one direction to create more road space for cyclists and pedestrians.

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All About Health & Wellbeing

Alsager Partnership host a showcase ‘All About Health & Wellbeing’ on Saturday 1st February 10am until 12.30pm.

This event promises to be jam-packed with information delivered by health, wellbeing and fitness organisations that will help you discover how you can make your family’s lives healthier, improve your general wellbeing and explore ways to be more active.

On the day, there will be many health organisations represented, alongside health screening checks available to include Blood Pressure Checks, Body Fat Measurements, BMI Checks, Nutritional Advice, Diet and Exercise.  Also on offer are sample treatments of reflexology and more.  In addition, there will be a room dedicated to free CPR TRAINING, which is very kindly being funded by the Alsager Scout Group (please note, places are limited, so please contact Alsager Partnership to reserve your space; places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis).

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