Tipping point

Bemersley2A new review of waste disposal sites across Staffordshire could see Biddulph Recycling Centre in Bemersley Road facing closure only months after residents were reasured that it would remain open. The Biddulph waste tip was originally proposed for closure due to the supposed proximity of alternative facilities, and as part of cuts to save Staffs County Council around £150,000 a year. But residents and local councillors complained that the nearest county council run recycling centres in Leek or Burslem were far from easy for Biddulph residents to access. This raised concerns that the closure of the Biddulph tip would lead to increased fly-tipping in the area and a petition set up objecting to the plans was signed by 479 people. Last June the council confirmed Bemersley would continue running ‘as normal’. Mark Winnington, cabinet member for economy, environment and transport, said: “We have looked at the options around the provision of a household waste recycling centre at Biddulph and have now decided it should continue running as normal.” But Staffordshire County Council still want to cut the amount they spend on household recycling sites by £150,000 in the next three years, aiming to cut £600,000 by 2020/21 and are again reviewing their 14 tips which includes Biddulph, to make savings. This could mean some tips closing, see a reduction in opening hours, or a combination of both. However, Mark Winnington, cabinet member for economy, environment and transport, insisted there would be a consultation with residents before any decisions were made. Residents again fear fly tipping would become a problem if the tip was closed as many people wouldn’t want to make the long trip to another waste recycling site, a problem which would be exacerbated by the recent closure of the ‘bring’ recycling sites in Biddulph.

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