The Peace Pole in Alsager

Peace Pole 1The Peace Pole project was started in Japan in 1955 in response to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These hand crafted monuments have been erected all over the world as international symbols of peace in places where people gather. World political leaders and religious leaders like Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul 2, have dedicated them to world peace.

The Justice, Peace and Integration of Creation (JPIC) of Alsager and Nantwich, under the leadership of Rev Dr B. Hudson and Mrs Bernice Halson acquired the Peace Pole with the intention of erecting it in Alsager Town Centre, but the Cheshire East Council was concerned about the insurance, the security and maintenance of this prestigious pole and were unable to take on the responsibility. The JPIC not being a funded organisation was unable to handle it and so it was temporarily forgotten. The pole was left in the safe keeping of Mr Geoffrey White of Alsager, hoping that something could be done about it later.

At the beginning of this year Alsager Lions were contacted by Mr Geoffrey White to see if they would take on the responsibility of the Peace Pole and it was agreed that they would take on the installation of it and to seek final approval from the local authorities. The Town Council were contacted and were delighted that the Lions would take on the project and gave their approval for it to be erected and maintained and this solved the problem which had been in abeyance for a couple of years.

It has now been installed at the Alsager Peace Garden on Crewe Road by the White Moss Quarry Gate at Radway Green, for all those travelling from the Crewe direction into Alsager to see.

Alsager Lions which to thank the Cheshire East Council and Alsager Town Council for their approval of the project, Geoffrey White for looking after it and mainly Lions Anton Selvadurai for leading the project on behalf of the Lions club.

We hope that the JPIC are delighted that after some 3 years their pole has found a resting home.

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