Tesco in the community

Tesco com champs dec 2015 3Rich Stephenson Evans, Community Officer at Tesco Kidsgrove, was approached by the committee of Butt Lane Petanque club for help in refurbishing Congleton Road Community Centre, where they are based, as part of Tesco’s policy of supporting the community.

Following an inspection of the centre it was found to be in need of extensive redecorating internally to sort out cracks and holes in walls. With a team of local Tesco maintenance staff from Crewe and Stoke Trent Vale stores, and from residents George Bunn and Dave Blunt, it has now been transformed to its former glory. Congleton Road Communnity Centre is used by a number of groups who will now benefit from the refurbishment.

Calling all community groups As part of the new government bag levy charge there are grants available to do similar projects for schools and churches and to transform greenspaces. Tesco is calling on local community groups and charities to apply for the funding. Nominations will be whittled down to three good causes that customers can choose from to vote for in each area. Administration of the local funding will be handled by environmental improvement charity Groundwork, which specialises in supporting communities to transform local green spaces for the better. All details are available on request, if you would like help transforming a local centre you use please contact: Richard Stephenson Evans, Community Officer, Tesco Kidsgrove, 01782 585465.

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