Sports Centre to reopen

Sports Centre dec reducedIt’s been an eventful experience over the past 9 months, trying to bring about the reopening of Kidsgrove Sports Centre. However, we can now say that it is planned the centre will reopen within the next 6 months!

Since the centre was closed by Newcastle Borough Council in June last year, we have faced numerous challenges. There were times when it appeared the vision was dead as the then leader of the Council refused to even communicate with us. Now, following a change of leadership – community leisure for Kidsgrove is very much back on the agenda.

Since this positive change in direction at the Council we have made some rapid and positive progress. The Kidsgrove Sports Centre Community Group has submitted a detailed business proposal for how we can operate the centre as a charitable organisation. This would mean that every £1 that is spent in the centre would be retained and used within the centre!

In addition to this we have been very fortunate to call upon local trades people, who have given up their time willingly for the benefit of the community. You may have read about previous surveys which have been conducted on behalf of our Councils’, however our own independent experts believe that there is plenty of life left in the current building! It is just in need of investment, something which we are proposing to do.

Our plans would see us first focus on reopening the “dryside”. These plans will see the current gym removed and replaced with a larger, new and modern gym. Alongside this will the creation of a new “spin” studio alongside the existing main studio and sports hall. Then within 1 year we plan to reopen the swimming pool(s), which again will receive some serious investment to help modernise and increase efficiency.

We are currently in the process of working with both the Borough Council and Staffs County Council in a constructive way. All partners have the common goal to reopen Kidsgrove Sports Centre within the next 6 months.

As a charity we would welcome all donations, regardless of the amount. You can donate via; or Text KIDS15 xx (replace xx with your amount) and send to 70070.

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