Speed humps for Colclough Lane

colclough_lane_A___consultationStoke City council are to install a set of speed humps along Colclough Lane/Birchenwood Road between Goldenhill and Newchapel to slow down traffic on what has been become a ‘Rat Run’.

The country lane is narrow with some sharp bends and needs to be driven with care but many drivers using as it as a short cut avoiding the busier Tunstall Road, Biddulph Road, James Brindley Way route often exceed the 30mph speed limit and a number of accidents have resulted in the last few years.

The move has been welcomed by residents living in the vicinity who claim that drivers frequently speed recklessly and that they have seen numerous accidents over the years.

The speed bumps are planned:

Outside Morley House on Birchenwood Rd;

Outside Fairway on Birchenwood Rd;

Approx 71 metres north of the Scotia Valley Greenway on Birchenwood Road;

Approx 98 metres southwest of the junction with Scotia Valley Greenway on Birchenwood Rd.

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, cabinet member for highways, said: “A speed assessment and public consultation has shown there is a need for the bumps to improve road safety. The work will now be completed this financial year. Speed bumps do tend to get a mixed response and it is usually a balancing act between putting them in and the impact they have on road safety.”

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