Public Realm Consultation

Following the consultation on the public realm proposals for Alsager, the Town Council has approved further exploratory work to be undertaken by the working group and council committees.

The objectives of the proposed scheme are to:

· Increase footfall within the town centre – to keep it as a vibrant hub

· To make the town safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists 

· Improve the attractiveness of the town

· Ensure people know what the town has to offer

The poor state of the roads and pavements were raised by a large proportion of residents which aligns with aspirations in the Neighbourhood Plan. Eighty businesses commented on the requirement to resurface the roads and pavements in Alsager in a survey carried out by the Town Centre Manager.

There were some suggestions which residents mainly objected to, and these will not be pursued:

· Move the bus stop into Milton Park

· Use the crescent by Milton Park as an informal play area

· Parking ban in the park.

· Create a pavilion within the park.

There is a large amount of work to be undertaken to consider whether other proposals will positively contribute to the objectives of the scheme and the town council is consulting with many other groups, voluntary organisations and Cheshire East Council to seek information. It must be stressed the plan is still being worked on.

Full report on the analysis can be found on the town council website at Town Consultations – Alsager Town Council

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