Police narrow their search of Biddulph properties

Princes StreetThe Police search for suitable premises in Biddulph to serve as a new base for operations has led to a narrowing down of suitable properties.

Two potential buildings in Princes Street and one in the High Street are being considered. The properties in Princes Street are either side of the Fire Station: the empty nursery building and the old doctors surgery, and the High Street option is in one of the vacant units to the front of Sainsbury’s.

The newly appointed commander for Staffs Moorlands has expressed his desire to reinstate a Police Station in Biddulph and they have been searching for a new town centre base since early 2012 after a senior officer criticised the current site for its lack of privacy. The current base at Biddulph Town Hall also doubles up as a one-stop shop dealing with council complaints which has been described as “not adequate”. The new commander has stated that a new police station in Biddulph is one of his first priorities.

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