Kidsgrove Station access for all petition

IMG_1438You can voice your support for the petition to improve access to all platforms at Kidsgrove Station by joining an online petition. 

The campaign is being led by Joan Walley MP who has written to local organisation and grouops for their support and to publicise the campaign.

The station has seen increasing numbers of rail users since improved services were implemented and a Station Friends Group have won awards making the station a more pleasant and attractive place.


Joan’s letter:

I am writing in regard to the urgent need for access improvements to Kidsgrove Railway Station. 

I am sure you will agree that Kidsgrove Railway Station is vital to the continued success of the town and I was delighted that the work of local volunteers was recognised when Kidsgrove won the Best Small Station Award in 2011. 

However, it remains the case that services from platforms 2, 3 and 4 (to Manchester, Derby, London and Crewe) cannot be accessed by disabled, elderly, physically impaired or passengers with pushchairs as the only access to these platforms is via a steep staircase and bridge.  We urgently need a DDA compliant footbridge that gives access to all the station’s platforms.

I am working hard with Staffordshire County Council, Newcastle Borough Council, Kidsgrove Town Council and others to make a strong case to the Government that funding is urgently required to a footbridge that gives access to all the station’s platforms to all passengers.  In order to make a strong case I am looking to gain the support of as many local people and organisations as possible to demonstrate to the Government how much it is supported locally. 

I would therefore be very grateful if you could provide me a short letter stating why you support the bid for a new footbridge and how this might benefit the town etc.  I stress that this does not need to be very long but it will be helpful in persuading the Government to provide the funding that we urgently need. 

I very much look forward to hearing from you and I will of course keep you updated with progress.

All supporting letters are to be sent to:  Joan Walley MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or follow the link at the top of our page and sign the petition.


You can join the online petition at:


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