One way to sort traffic problems in Kidsgrove

Market street jan 2018 copy low resPlans are being drawn up to reduce congestion and improve air quality at a traffic blackspot.

The A50 Liverpool Road junction in the centre of Kidsgrove is known for long delays at peak times.

Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet support member for Highways and Transport, said: “Everyone who uses this road regularly knows something needs to be done to improve traffic flow at this junction.

“And at the same time scores of cars to sit with engines idling while they wait to get through the junction and that badly affects air quality in the area.

“This proposal will help both problems and improve traffic flow on one of North Staffordshire’s main routes.”

The first draft of proposals is being shared with the area’s county councillor, Gill Burnett, and Kidsgrove Town Council, before local residents and businesses are approached to comment on more detailed plans.

Helen Fisher added: “Something must be done to improve matters, but the detail of the current proposal is not set in stone. We want to talk to local elected representatives and then people in the area before we arrive at a final proposal.”

The current plan aims to reduce queueing by stopping westbound traffic from turning right from the A50 into Heathcote Street.

A50 traffic from the east would reach the shops in the Market Street and King Street area by turning right earlier into Mount Road and then have the option of turning left into The Mount and then into Market Street.

To help traffic flow, Market Street would become one-way, with traffic flowing from east to west, and disabled parking bays and delivery zones would be created where there are currently double yellow lines.

Heathcote Street, which is partially one-way at the moment, would become entirely one-way, leading away from the A50.

Gill Burnett, county councillor for Kidsgrove and a member of Kidsgrove Town Council, is backing the proposals. She said: “Cars trying to turn right into Heathcote Street are often blocked by oncoming vehicles which are waiting to get through the traffic lights.

“The tailbacks go down Liverpool Road back towards Tunstall and also make it difficult for drivers to get out of The Avenue – even when their light is on green.”

She added: “Market Street is also a problem at the moment, it’s two-way but there’s lots of irregular parking which makes it difficult for vehicles to pass each other, so I think making it one-way with loading bays and disabled parking spaces is a good idea.”

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