On Call fire-fighters wanted

Alsager fire stationOn Call Firefighters are still being sought for Alsager’s new fire station being built in Brookhouse Road which is due to open later this year.

As an ‘on-call fire station’ it means that it is staffed by on-call firefighters – they have other main jobs as well as being firefighters. On-call firefighters come from all walks of life, including shopkeepers, stay at home mums, builders, plumbers, farmers, secretaries, company directors and people who may not currently be employed, and work alongside their wholetime (full-time) colleagues. Committed, enthusiastic individuals are being asked to apply. Fire chiefs are looking for people from all walks of life with a combination of practical ability, mental resilience, courage, physical fitness and the ability to remain calm and focused in emergency and difficult situations. If you are interested call Sarah Dornford on 01606 868451 or email sarah.dornford-may@cheshirefire.gov.uk for more information.

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