New Defibrillator at Kidsgrove Tesco

Tesco defibTesco Kidsgrove have installed a new defibrillator fitted just inside the store for use by the community. The new defibrillator is part of Tesco’s national rollout as the British Heart Foundation is one of Tesco’s national partners and it was considered appropriate to and provide life saving equipment in stores. Tesco have thousands of customers instore daily and if the machine can provide peace of mind to them if anything should happen whilst they are shopping then it is money well spent. Tesco have 10 instore first aiders who are all fully trained on the device, however if a member of the public needed to use the defibrillator it can be used as it ‘talks’ to the person giving the first aid, as the device is a Zoll AED PLUS model, one of the best easy to use devices on the market. Community officer rich Stephenson Evans said, “I have been fighting for this equipment for many months to be able to make the community feel safe when shopping. The device is fantastic and can be used by anyone he needs it – I’m just hoping it never has to be used but at least it’s there if needed.”

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