New controls for dog owners

Dog_controls_800pxNewcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council (NBC) are proposing changes to the current Dog Control Orders.

Changes to legislation mean that Dog Control Orders will cease in October 2017 unless a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is created to replace them.

The four current controls that were introduced in 2013 relate to:

Dog Fouling

Dog Exclusions

Dogs on Leads

Dogs on Leads by Direction

The council is proposing to retain these current controls (details of these are available on the website at: with some amendments, by adopting a Public Spaces Protection Order in respect of Dog Controls.

The council is also considering adopting two further controls which are:

1. Maximum of Six Dogs

A person should not take more than six dogs into Apedale Country Park, Bateswood     Country Park, Bathpool Park, Clough Hall Park, Silverdale Country Park, Lyme Valley      Parkway, Birchenwood Country Park

2. Means to Pick Up Dog Fouling

Everyone walking a dog must make sure that they have a bag with them so they can pick up if their dog fouls.

In response to requests from angling groups NBC are also proposing dogs should be on a lead when being exercised next to “Fishing Pools managed by angling clubs as per their signs”.

NBC have completed a consultation and the Public Protection Committee considered whether controls should be adopted at a meeting on 19 September 2017. The decision can be found on the NBC website. It is proposed that the order will come into force on the 20th October 2017.

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