Kidsgrove Station

Building works

The canal bridge has been newly strengthened to accommodate heavier vehicles like buses

Network Rail has informed the North Staffs Community Rail Partnership that works to support the Ground Remediation project at the station have commenced and piping systems to transport grout between platform areas have been installed. Drilling will commence in Dec/Jan. The grout will then be piped underground to stabilise the ground so that it can take the weight of the new passenger bridge and lifts.  At time of writing it is not envisioned that either winter temperatures or Covid-19 restrictions will cause further delays.

A Spotter Tea at Kidsgrove Station

Kidsgrove Station’s lovely community café, A Spotter Tea, is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, but hopes to re-open in the Spring as soon as guidance changes and rail passenger numbers start to recover again.

Travelling to Alsager?

To travel to or from Alsager you are advised to use the hourly London Northwestern Railway service as East Midlands Railway (EMR) stops there just twice a day at the moment.  The North Staffs Community Rail Partnership continues to put pressure on EMR to reinstate the service.  If you have been affected by these cuts we would love to hear from you.  Please email or phone 07879 115698. We advise you to check train times before travelling on:

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