Kidsgrove Sports Centre update

Sports Centre dec reducedConditional Report

An independent report comissioned by Kidsgrove Town Council into the current condition of the Sports Centre has been released.

Basic repairs are quoted to be around £300,000 with further work likely to be necessary in the coming years which could add up to £2.4 million which the consultants say would be better put towards the cost of building a new centre to higher standards.

The report by Jim Gordon Associates states: “Our opinion on the Kidsgrove Sports Centre is that is has now reached the end of its useful economic life and is no longer viable to be operated, either by the council or by a community trust… “It is now over 40 years old, and even modern facilities are not designed to last as long as this…. “Whether money is provided by the council or funds are raised by a community trust, we do not believe that this would be money well spent…. “this level of spending cannot be justified as it is only delaying the inevitable.”

While the report is unequivical there are however no immediate plans for a replacement and re-opening the current centre would be the fastest way to re-provide leisure facilities in Kidsgrove.

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