Kidsgrove Sports Centre news

It is fantastic to be able to announce that the refurbishment of Kidsgrove Sports Centre will get underway in October, when the developer will arrive on site. This is a landmark moment after what has been 3 long years of continued work from our charitable organisation.

The £6million refurbishment of the sports centre will enable the community to have access once again to affordable sports provision. The centre will be community run, which will mean that every £1 spent in the centre, will get invested back into the centre. This is one of the real exciting benefits of community managed centres and success going forward will be in the hands of our community.

The refurbished centre will have the following facilities:

· Fully refurbished swimming pool & plant equipment, with improved 

   accessibility via the inclusion of cut-out steps into the pool.

· Fully refurbished sports hall, complete with new roof, floor, lighting and 

   ventilation. Plus, there will be the inclusion of an external viewing area.

· Fully refurbished changing rooms for swimming pool and gym/sports hall.

· New and enlarged fitness suite, complete with new fitness equipment.

· New and dedicated spin studio for the lovers of all things two wheels.

· New and enlarged dance studio, enabling a wide range of classes 

  and activities to be delivered.

· Community rooms and space

· A refurbished reception and foyer area welcoming you to the centre

There is still plenty of work to undertake to reopen the sports centre, however in October one large milestone is about to begin and what an exciting time this will be for the community of Kidsgrove.

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