Kidsgrove Sports Centre news

The very recent published data suggesting that childhood obesity had increased since the closure of Kidsgrove Sports Centre, only further went to demonstrate the importance of this vital community asset.

As well as returning affordable community leisure to Kidsgrove our plans very much focus around making the sports centre a true community hub. With this in mind, we were delighted to receive the support from Port Vale professional footballer Cristian Montaño who is so passionate about mental health. This is something which we are keen to work with him and other groups to help support & develop programmes within the centre.

Work on the sports centre refurbishment is now entering phase 2. This we are led to believe is what is known as the pre-construction phase. The contractor will shortly be on site conducting some further, more detailed surveys which should be concluded within the next 6 weeks. As you can imagine multi-million Pound refurbishments don’t just happen overnight, however we shortly should be reaching the point where a timeline to reopening can be shared with confidence.

It is fantastic to think that Kidsgrove Sports Centre will not only reopen with a full, long overdue refurbishment, but more importantly actually be owned and run by our community! This means that the future is totally in our own hands. Every Pound spent in the centre, will go back into the centre!

There is still a huge amount of work to undertake, however we will endeavour as we always stated to reopen Kidsgrove Sports Centre as soon as possible!

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