Kidsgrove Ski Centre re-opens

Kidsgrove Ski Centre re-opened on Monday, September 16th following a summer break.

ski slope2

Over the summer basic earthworks for extending the slope were completed, when extended the slope will offer a range of exciting new facilities to current and future users. The groundworks will now be left to settle and weather until next year when work will continue. Also during the summer break a band of club member volunteers have been busy doing all the annual maintenance on the existing slope and the ski equipment.

Kidsgrove Ski Centre are a 100% voluntary operation and have a team of instructors who are ready to teach people from age 5 upwards. They do low-cost courses of basic lessons to get people started and can follow up with improver lessons to take them further. Membership after lessons is attractively priced in these times of tight budgeting. Prices and times are on the web site at With birthdays and Christmas in mind, there are gift vouchers to start things off.

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