Interim Town Clerk Retires

town clerk retiresAfter two years, David Dingle, has stepped down in his role as acting Town Clerk to Alsager Town Council.

Following the recruitment of Nicola Clarke in September 2017, David has completed a thorough hand over and is now able to pass on the mantle and enjoy his retirement.

A vote of thanks for his sterling work was given at a Council meeting on 26 September with gifts of appreciation from the grateful Council. David thanked the Council for the support they have given him in his role. He said; “the Council asked me to provide support whilst they were between clerks and the expected 6 months’ turned into 2 years’. I have enjoyed the chance to help the Council move forward with the increased work load as they have taken on additional services and have moved from a consultative town council to a providing town council. I wish the Council every success in the future”.

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