Great Biddulph Fairtrade Bake-off

fairtrade cake feb 2015To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight 2015, the Biddulph Fairtrade Town Group and Sainsbury’s are hosting the GREAT BIDDULPH BAKE-OFF! National Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 runs from 23 February to 8 March. In Biddulph it will be celebrated on Saturday 7th March with the Great Biddulph Fairtrade Bake-off. This is a competition open to all Biddulph schools and community groups to find the best decorated cake using Fairtrade ingredients with a Fairtrade theme. Each group making an entry can bring along their own ‘winners’ to the cafe area of Sainsbury’s by 9.30am on Saturday 7th March. The Fairtrade Group judges will be searching for Biddulph’s best decorated cake(s) with a Fairtrade theme. Cakes must be: 1. Single 8 inch/20cm cake and/or a plate of 3 Cup Cakes; 2. Be accompanied with a description of how the cake was made and why the design was chosen. Tell us what you know about Fairtrade and if you have done any extra work as part of your entry. Cakes will be judged on: 1. Most creative design with a Fairtrade theme. 2. Most Fairtrade ingredients used. (Must contain a minimum of 2 Fairtrade ingredients). 3. Cakes will be tasted by the judges so must be edible! Groups/schools are free to organise their entry/ies in any way they wish; the overall aim is to raise awareness of Fairtrade. Prizes will be available for the best entries, including an engraved shield for the winning participating school. All entries need to be delivered to the Community Room upstairs in Sainsbury’s (by the Café) on Saturday 7 March by 9.30am. The event itself will take place in the Café from 10am. Put the date in your diary: The Great Biddulph Fairtrade Fortnight Bake-Off 2015, Saturday 7th March, 10-12, upstairs in Sainsbury’s Cafe. In addition to the Great Biddulph Bake-off judging, there will be some wonderful singing, Fairtrade goods for sale, and other activities. We look forward to seeing your entry!

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