Fast and Furious



Fast and furious in Alsager?

Reports of boy racers disturbing residents on the Fairview Car Park late at night has provoked an angry reaction from some of the youths involved.

Residents in Fairview Avenue have complained to Cheshire Police that they are being kept awake at nights by screeching tyres, loud music and revving engines coming from the Fairview Car Park, with other complaints relate to litter and possible driving offences.

Both PCSO John Shevlin and PCSO Lorraine Meggs are providing attention to the area and any offences found to be taking place will be dealt with. The Police are also working closely with staff from Cheshire East Council and the Co-op to resolve the issue and in terms of a long term solution are looking at some kind of restriction being imposed on car park use in the evenings.

While there doesn’t appear to be any illegal behaviour they have been some suggestions that a High Court Injunction similar to the one in force  at the Festival Park may be the best solution.

Some of the youngsters involved though are furious that they haven’t been approached to discuss the matter and want to engage in mediation to find an amicable solution. The youngsters point out that they are all being branded boy racers and by excluding them from the discussions they are extending the social gap between the groups. They claim that the majority of them gather there to avoid other areas where they feel threatened and they try to get the group to moderate their behaviour. They want to be involved in discussions and work to resolve the matter.

The Police have asked the public to be aware of any offences taking place in the area that they take vehicle details if possible and phone 101 to report it so it can be dealt with. To contact the Police you can phone 101 for a non-emergency or 999 for an emergency. Also you can follow us on Twitter @SbachAlsagerNPT

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