Ex-offenders help to clean up Butt Lane

litterFootpaths at the rear of Millstone Avenue and Second Avenue have been cleared, after residents called on Councillors to take action. 

The Butt Lane Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) have used the community payback teams to clear the footpaths of rubbish, leaves and overgrowth. 

Community Payback is essentially the replacement for Community Service, also more recently called Community Punishment. Courts are given the power to sentence offenders of certain crimes to undertake between 40 and 300 hours of Community Payback. This work is unpaid and demanding work that is aimed at giving something to local communities and forcing offenders to repay the community for the wrong they have done.

Chair of the LAPs, Cllr Kyle Robinson said: “I have been pushing for the footpaths between Second Avenue and Millstone Avenue to be cleared of rubbish and overgrowth for weeks.  It is important we access initiatives like community payback because the work doesn’t cost the local residents a penny.  The offenders also learn a valuable lesson and learn to appreciate the community a bit more.  I want to thank Mark Jones, community warden of Newcastle Borough Council for leading the project.”

Article reproduced by kind permission from cllr Kyle Robinson. See cllrkylerobinson.com for more information.

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