Don’t bring anymore rubbish to Biddulph

binsA review of the recycling centres in the Staffordshire Moorlands has led to the decision to close the ‘bring’ recycling sites including those in Biddulph. ‘Bring’ sites are recycling points the council provide where residents can take their recyclable items such as bottles/paper/plastic/textiles and tin. They currently provide 27 recycling ‘bring’ sites but following a review have taken the decision to close them. The bring sites to be closed in Biddulph are at Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre and Mill Hayes Sports Ground. The review was taken as the contracts for the service, provision and maintenance of the sites comes to an end on the 31st October this year. Alternatives to closure that were considered were to procure new contracts or to reduce the number of sites from 27 to 10. The amount of waste collected from bring recycling centres has steadily fallen (down 68%) since 2007 as the council have moved more towards collecting from households at the kerbside. The report states:

“Initially neighbourhood recycling centres were developed as residents had few opportunities to recycle, as kerbside collection services were in their infancy. In recent years a number of sites have been lost as a result of redevelopment such as Wharf Road in Biddulph or as private landowners have withdrawn permission to have banks located on their land. “All the materials collected on these sites can now be recycled through the council’s kerbside recycling collection service, which is now available to all households within the district.” It is hoped that the amount of waste collected at the bring sites (385 tonnes in total) will be redirected by residents using the kerbside collection service so the council don’t lose income from reduced tonnage allowances.

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