Community hub for Princess Street

Princess Street fire station low resStaffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has scooped a Government grant of more than £5million to fund two high-profile projects, and they will be using £1.2million to create a tri-service neighbourhood centre in Biddulph for blue light organisations. The funding will be used to build a new community hub to be used by the Fire Services, Police and Ambulance services on the site of the old Ladybirds Nursery next to the existing fire station in Princess Street. Each partner will have a specific area to work in and there will also be a shared space to allow the different organisations to liaise with each other and provide a strong multi-agency approach which will benefit the local community. Rob Barber, director of response for the fire service, said: “It will be a community hub joining the three services together to enhance the current facility and the proactive work we have in the community. We are moving forward so we are not just a response service. We can also encourage community safety and reduce risks in the area by working closer in a multi-agency approach.” Plans for the new facility will now be drawn up with the new facility expected to be completed within 12 to 18 months.

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