Clough Hall Photo Archive Project

clough hall old schoolClough Hall Technology School is getting a brand new school. This will be built on the current site and the old school buildings are scheduled for demolition. 

This is an exciting development for the residents of Kidsgrove.

Clough Hall Technology School has been at the centre of the local community for many, many years. The old buildings may be ready for retirement but they hold generations of memories.

With your help we would like to preserve those memories so that they can be enjoyed by the whole community. We are hoping to build an on-line ‘Clough Hall School Photo Archive’ that anyone with an internet connection will be able to access. Did you or any of your family and friends attend Clough Hall Technology School as a child? Do you have any photos that you would like to share?

If you have photos in a digital format, you can email them directly to the email address listed below. If your photos are not in a digital format please contact us and we can arrange to have them scanned into a computer for you. If you have any other images of Clough Hall Technology School in different media formats, we may still be able to do something with them. We can convert 8mm cine-film, Super 8 cine-film and Hi8 video to digital!

Send all photos & any questions you might have to:


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