Call for speed cameras on #kidsgrove bank

Kidsgrove road 2aA car crash that closed the road at the top of Kidsgrove Bank for several hours has led to calls for speed cameras to be sited there.

The car knocked down a telegraph pole and bent a lamppost near the junction with Mobberley Road as it travelled along the A50 towards Goldenhill.

Now many residents are calling for speed cameras to be installed at the top of the bank before someone gets seriously hurt.

The main problem is due to the set up of the road coming up the bank from Kidsgrove where two lanes merge into one. The two lanes allow motorists to speed and overtake vehicles who then have to become a single line of traffic right at the crest of the hill where there is also a junction and a bend in the road.

There is a speed camera lower down the bank near the junction with Stonebank Road but residents think that a camera situated higher up near the top would slow down drivers and improve safety.

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