Award for Biddulph PCSO

PCSO Peter Johnson dec 2017Local Police Community Support Officer Peter Johnson has been awarded ‘The David Pearsall Award for Police Community Support Officer of the Year’.

Mr David Pearsall commissioned his award for presentation to the Police Community Support Officer who the Chief Constable has judged as being the PCSO of the previous year.

PCSO Peter Johnson received the award for his personal contribution, interaction and engagement within the local community in addressing their concerns, fear of crime and on improving reassurance.

PCSO Johnson has served the community of Biddulph for over ten years, working closely with residents, building up their respect and trust. Pete knows everyone and equally, everyone knows Pete. He engages with partners to provide the best service for the people in Biddulph focusing on problem-solving issues that impact upon fear of crime and reassurance.

Another area where PCSO Johnson excels is his relationship with the young people in Biddulph. Pete held a ‘Fix and Ride’ programme with the local youth centre offering young people a positive activity to engage in. This was to reduce anti-social behaviour in the community but also help them to learn skills in repairing bicycles, keeping them safe on the roads and enabling the young people in Biddulph to realise the police just want what’s best for them and their community.

On receiving the award he recognised the contribution made by his colleagues, he said, “I’m very proud and honoured to be acknowledged for my service to Staffordshire Police. As much as I’m delighted to receive this award as an individual. I’d be naive to not thank the people I work with at Biddulph because without them I certainly wouldn’t be winning this award.”

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