Alsager Residents’ Action Group

ARAG headerAlsager Residents’ Action Group (ARAG) have decided to stop their operations concerning planning issues in and around Alsager after 26 years. ARAG is made up of a group of residents who have worked very hard over the last few years to keep the community informed about planning issues, fighting planning applications they believe will damage our community, and working hard to develop opportunities to bring education and employment to Alsager. Despite ARAG working against speculative proposals, and the community objecting strongly to planning proposal’s that are not a part of the Town Strategy, every single proposal has been lost. And after recently losing battles to stop hundreds of houses being built in the town, members have announced that they will cease their current activities and no longer maintain the website, as under the current climate it is totally demoralising and fruitless. ARAG claim the main problem is that Cheshire East had been unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing to the satisfaction of the Planning Inspectors and the Local Plan has not yet been accepted. This means when proposals are rejected the developers appeal and the Inspectors overturn the decision. As a consequence, the planning system in Cheshire East has completely failed and developers now determine which housing will go where. In Alsager this could result in 2,500 houses being built in the next 17 years, representing a growth of at least 45% with no infrastructure improvement. ARAG thank everyone for their contributions, enthusiasm and support over the years, and numerous messages of gratitude since the announcement. Details of current plans for housing in Alsager can still be found at their website

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