A play about Alsager

ACTnewlogoEd03Following the success of Nothing to do with Cricket last autumn, Alsager Community Theatre is proud to announce that it will be touring another brand new production locally in early summer.

This time the star of the show is nothing less than Alsager itself! Set against the background of a world in conflict, this is the remarkable story of what happened in Alsager during the Second World War. A village of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants suddenly found itself confronted by evacuees from Liverpool, 15,000 people working at Radway Green munitions factory, a training ship for the navy, prisoners of war, refugees from the Baltic and American GIs! Quite an influx! Quite a challenge!

The story unravels through the eyes of a mother and daughter struggling to keep their own lives together in a world of rationing, domestic crisis and the endless fear of bombing. It’s a touching tribute to a generation that now largely only exists in our memories and memorials. But it’s also hugely entertaining.

If you’ve spent part of your life living in Alsager this play is an absolute ‘must see’. If not, then it promises to be a great evening’s entertainment anyway.

The play is A Necklace from Adolf by Keith Plant. Any local group can book a performance at a very small cost – and sell tickets to raise funds. No special facilities are needed. First performances will be at the Bank Corner on the 21st and 22nd April. For further information about booking, phone 01270 883966.

Nothing to do with Cricket will be returning for another run in late summer before a final performance in the historic Long Room at Old Trafford.

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